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Staff List

Management and Administration

Walt Witek, Senior Vice President 202-383-1067 wwitek@realtors.org
Susie Helm, Vice President for Advocacy Operations and Communications 202-383-1117 shelm@realtors.org
Kathleen LaMarre, Operations Manager 202-383-7560 klamarre@realtors.org
Bill Malkasian, Vice President of Political Strategic Planning 608-345-9004 bmalkasian@realtors.org
Joe Molinaro, Managing Director, Smart Growth & Housing Opportunites 202-383-1175 jmolinaro@realtors.org 
Gerry Allen, Managing Director, Campaign Services 202-383-1109 gallen@realtors.org 
Lauren Facemire, Manager, Managing Director, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1080 lfacemire@realtors.org
Jim MacGregor, Managing Director, Advocacy and Communications 202-383-1188 jmacgregor@realtors.org
Paula Martino, Director, Corporate Fundraising 202-383-1156 pmartino@realtors.org
Tim Ryan, Chief of Staff & Managing Director 202-383-1098   tryan@realtors.org
Program Specialties
Campaign Services
Kyle Lambert London, Project Manager 202-383-1203 klambert@realtors.org
Mitchell Norton, Campaign Services Representative 202-383-1091 mnorton@realtors.org
Cultural Diversity/Fair Housing     
Fred Underwood, Director, Diversity 202-383-1132 funderwood@realtors.org
Housing Opportunity 
Holly Moskerintz, Community Programs Outreach Manager 202-383-1157  hmoskerintz@realtors.org
Wendy Penn, Housing Opportunity Program Representative  202-383-7504  wpenn@realtors.org
Political Programs    
Erin Murphy, Senior Representative, Consumer Advocacy Outreach 202-383-1079 emurphy@realtors.org
Victoria Givens, Manager REALTOR Mobilization Programs 202-383-1021 vgivens@realtors.org
Melissa Horn, Manager, Online Advocacy 202-383-1026 Mhorn@realtors.org
Brandon Maddox, Programs Systems Manager 202-383-1043 bmaddox@realtors.org
RPAC Program     
Lauren Facemire, Managing Director, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1080 lfacemire@realtors.org
Peter Kelly, Director of RPAC Technology & On-line Fundraising 202-383-7599  pkelly@realtors.org 
Liz Demorest, Manager, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1030 ldemorest@realtors.org
Kelly O’Donnell, Major Investor Fundraising Representative 202-383-7510 ko'donnell@realtors.org
Liz Best-Bradford, RPAC Fundraising Representative 202-383-7582 lbestbradford@realtors.org
Jackie Zaporowski, RPAC Fundraising Coordinator 202-383- 1029 jzaporowski@realtors.org
Smart Growth/Green Building/Placemaking
Hugh Morris, Smart Growth/Community Outreach Representative 202-383-1278 hmorris@realtors.org
Adriann Murawski, State and Local Government Affairs Representative 202-383-1068  amurawski@realtors.org