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Campaign Services Program

NAR has paid for the use of a high volume number of voter contact files, nationwide, that includes both REALTOR® and non-REALTOR® registered voters.  The infrastructure for the program makes it possible for an association to obtain several different demographic features about each voter record, such as vote history, age and homeowner status. 

Outside consulting services will be available to associations who require assistance with identifying voter groups they want to target for communications to advocate for their issue or candidate campaign.  The level of consulting service will depend upon an assessment of the association's electoral goals, staff capacity and campaign needs.

 2016 Voter Registration Map
See how many REALTORS® are registered to vote in your area.

State and Local Association Independent Expenditure Program

 Download the new REALTOR Voter Registration Intiative brochure.





How many voter contact files will each state receive?

The size of the voter contact file offered to each state association is based upon the number of congressional districts, which are based upon population within the state.  Please reference the chart  that reflects the total number of voter contact files per state paid for by NAR.  An association can pay for the use of additional voter records, as well as email addresses and phone numbers, at a greatly reduced cost due to the high volume of records initially acquired by NAR.  Specific costs to acquire these voter files are detailed on the state by state chart.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the program, contact Gerry Allen at 202-383-1109.