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Selecting effective facilitators will contribute to a quality program. NAR will provide the use of our hired consultants to associations that discuss their goals of the program with NAR and meet the criteria outlined below. Sponsors may also choose to obtain their own facilitators. If you use your own, local facilitator(s), please contact NAR in advance to discuss your plans.

Criteria for utilizing NAR provided consultants as facilitators:

The Candidate Training Academy curriculum will be available by request from, and upon registration with, NAR for any association’s use. To request NAR’s professional campaign consultants facilitate the training, however, an association must meet the following criteria:

  1. At least 25 guaranteed participants
  2. Of those 25, at least 10 must be candidates
  3. Only one training per state. Partnering with state and/or local associations is encouraged. If partnering is impossible, please contact NAR.
  4. While allied organizations and coalition partners are welcome to take part, this is the National Association Of REALTORS® Candidate Training Academy and must be billed as such.

If you meet the criteria and have been approved to utilize the NAR-provided facilitators, then NAR will cover instruction fees, travel, and accommodations for our consultants. If you use your own instructors, you will negotiate the fee with them directly and will be responsible for compensating those facilitators.

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