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Reach Out to "Newly Moved" Members Who Need to Re-Register to Vote

Someone who was registered to vote previously and recently moved will need to update their voter registration information. This, perhaps, is the “easiest win” for the association, because those who are most likely to vote in an election or on an issue are those who have voted before. 

A simple and plain letter and envelope or e-mail is most effective. You may consider printing “Time Sensitive Information Enclosed” on the envelope or e-mail subject line.


 Sample Language for a Letter or E-Mail

 Copy and paste this sample language into your own letter or e-mail.

Association Name
Association Address

Dear ____________:

Our files indicate that your address has changed.  Did you remember to update your voter registration? If you want to vote, you need to update your registration with your new address. Don’t worry; changing your address is easy.

As a REALTOR®, you are eligible to take advantage of NAR’s proprietary online voter registration services. You can access a form to change your address at www.realtorsvote.org. Voting is important. But to vote, you must be registered at your current address. So please update your voter registration today.

[Signature name here]

 See Sample Language for Unregistered Members.

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