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Option 1: Mail, Email or a Combined Campaign

 Option 1: Mail, Email or Combined Campaign
NAR provides you with membership lists broken down to identify the registered vs. non-registered voters at your association. In addition, NAR provides you with a variety of easy, affordable options to help you to reach your members, encouraging them to register to vote. See below for details.



Customized, Oversized Postcard
This postcard can be personalized to your liking. All you pay for is printing and postage. NAR's Voter Registration Initiative vendors will walk you through the process. 

 Click here for sample card (PDF). 


Customized, Oversized Downloadable Postcard
Do it yourself! Download this general member postcard as another option and just fill in your association's information in the fields. Print in-house or by your local printer. You personalize the postcard, as well as arrange all printing and postage. NAR can send you your mailing list of unregistered members.

 Click here to download your customizable postcard. (PDF). 


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