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Leading With Diversity: A Three-Part Program for Associations

REALTOR® association leaders include both staff executives as well as member volunteers. In fact, members often look to their association executives to identify important trends and how those trends affect the industry. That’s where Leading with Diversity comes in. Leading with Diversity is a three-pronged approach for associations that know they need to plan for diversity, but don’t know how to get started or have come to a crossroads and need some additional assistance to help realize their goals.

1. Leading With Diversity Three-hour Planning Workshop

For those associations who need to develop a plan to get them started, this workshop takes you through a step-by-step process to develop key initiatives, specific for your association, that will help you better serve your members, leaders and clients. Workshop materials are free to associations who request them. 

2. Diversity Toolkit for REALTOR® Associations

Rather than reinventing the wheel, this toolkit provides association executives and leaders with scores of proven examples of programs and initiatives that have successfully worked to increase the diversity within an association’s membership, leadership and the services that benefit the needs of growing communities.  From large boards to smaller associations, you will find programs and ideas that fit your needs and your budget. 

3. Diversity Initiative Grants

Once you have your goals and strategies in place, NAR can provide associations with funding to help realize those goals.  Upon approval of submitted applications, NAR provides associations up to $5,000 in matching funds for activities that reinforce the role of REALTORS® as leaders in our increasingly diverse communities, and that extend the benefits of homeownership to more Americans.