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Leading With Diversity: Workshop

 A Business Imperative in a Changing World

 Leading With Diversity is a course for association executives, association staff and association member-leaders interested in seeing their association flourish and grow with the changing times. The two-hour core course curriculum explains the rationale, gives the business case, and sets up the framework for incorporating diversity initiatives into an association's business model. The subsequent one-hour course lesson plans, which will be made available to AEs who take the initial core course, will focus on specific topics, including:

  • Diversity and Communications
  • Influencing Your Leadership
  • Diversity Policies and Programs
  • Your Association and Generational Issues

These modules, provided to AEs, can be tailored for meetings for staff, boards of directors and committees. By incorporating diversity initiatives in to various aspects of the association, whether they focus on your office administrative staff,  marketing and communications department or committees, you can rest assured that you will be providing the best possible service to your members and know that they have your entire community’s best interests in mind.

 Course Objectives

  • Access and Analyze local and member demographics
  • Understand and explain benefits of a membership, leadership and staff that reflect the community
  • Build the case that diversity brings strength to an organization and promotes growth
  • Better identify the needs of the diverse member/leader
  • Use NAR’s Diversity Toolkit
  • Identify the minority real estate associations
  • Develop a personal/professional growth plan
  • Identify other relevant resources
  • Create diversity policies as part of governing documents
  • Develop one or two key diversity initiatives

 For additional course information, dates and locations, please contact:

Fred Underwood
Manager, Diversity Programs