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GAD Training and Services

One of the largest hurdles for an Association Executive (AE) or a new Government Affairs Director (GAD) is a lack of training on the multitude of governmental and community issues facing REALTORS® at the local, state and federal levels. Through the REALTOR® Party, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) offers numerous legislative, community and consumer outreach and advocacy programs, tools and services that new GADs, or Association Executives without GADs, should become familiar with. NAR’s training and services below help associations with these challenges. NAR is in a position to assist state and local government affairs departments with a coordinated approach to political, advocacy and community issues facing REALTOR® members, as well as to educate association staff on the array of tools and services available for free through the REALTOR® Party.   

New AE and GAD Orientation
Candidate and Issue Campaign Training for GADs and AEs
NAR’s Candidate Training Academy
Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions
GAD Institute
REALTOR® Party Hub Training