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Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions Course

Course Description:  Best Practices for Choosing REALTOR® Champions is a three-hour training session, developed by NAR, that is intended to provide best practices for RPAC Trustees, Government Affairs Committees, or other committees that disburse money to candidates at their state or local associations.  This training provides hands-on assistance and time-tested templates to state and local associations that want to identify and support political candidates who are best qualified to represent the issues important to REALTORS® and real estate.

Audience:  This course focuses on association staff and volunteers, including RPAC Trustees, Government Affairs Committee members or other member-leaders who serve to screen, identify and ultimately help elect REALTOR® Champions to public office. NAR recommends maximizing your offering by inviting your state and local disbursement trustees and/or Government Affairs committee to train everyone at a state-wide meeting.

Location:  Sessions will be sponsored by state and local REALTOR® associations, under their association name and at their chosen facility.

Facilitators: NAR will provide professional facilitators (including their travel and lodging) to the first 18 associations that qualify and request them in 2018.

Fees:  Facilitators and electronic files containing the training materials will be provided for free for the first 10 states that offer this course in 2018.  (This is a $3,000 value back to your association.) NAR does not charge a fee to be a course sponsor or to utilize the course materials (which need to be reproduced by the course sponsor for each attendee).  In fact, NAR will offer additional assistance grants of up to $1500 to the first 10 course sponsors who register to offer this course. Grants, in the form of reimbursements, may be utilized to include the costs for printing course materials, snacks, or other expenses incurred for this offering.

Learning Outcomes

Following this session, the attendee will be able to:

  1. Relay the policy issues and articulate the candidate selection committee’s goals for the coming year for the association they are serving;
  2. Outline their committee’s process and criteria for candidate support;
  3. Assess a candidate’s chances for winning;
  4. And identify the best practice methods when selecting and supporting REALTOR® Champions for office.

If you are interested in bringing this course to your state or local association, please contact Kyle Lambert London (klambertlondon@realtors.org/202-383-1203) for details.

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