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New AE and GAD Orientation

Newly hired Association Executives (AEs), Government Affairs Directors (GADs) and those hired to promote and manage REALTOR® Party activities are invited to attend a day-and-a-half orientation at the NAR offices in Washington, D.C. The orientation will offer an in-depth opportunity to learn about:

  • the REALTOR® Party tools and services for state and local associations to champion their advocacy, outreach and community issues;
  • ways to reach your association’s Minimum Core Standards requirements;
  • how RPAC can provide you with grants and tools to help increase investments;  
  • how the NAR Government Affairs Division works with state and local associations to promote the REALTOR® federal agenda;
  • how NAR’s lobbyists and political representatives work with their state and local association counterparts;
  • how NAR’s legislative and regulatory issues staff work with state and local associations to educate REALTORS® on the important issues facing their business;
  • valuable NAR economic research tools and products available for you;
  • and ways to help you effectively communicate with your members about all of the above and the value your association provides back to them.

This orientation, including the cost of travel, will be offered three times in 2017 and is free of charge to participating AEs and GADs.

Sample Agenda

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sept. 21-22, 2017
    Sorry! Registration has closed for this offering.

State and local associations should inform NAR as soon as possible when they have hired a new GAD. Please e-mail Kyle Lambert London with your new GAD's contact information for general communication purposes, as well as for orientation registration information.