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Housing Opportunity Webinar Series

NAR, in partnership with National Housing Conference (NHC), brings you a webinar series providing free, live and on-demand presentations on vital housing topics. This series of webinars is designed to educate the REALTOR® community across the country about affordable housing issues, policies and programs, and to help REALTORS® be better able to engage in the affordable housing issues in their communities.

NHC staff and guest webinar panelists share research, discuss pressing issues that are important to the REALTOR® community and share tips and resources that will help REALTORS® and REALTOR® associations expand housing availability.

Previous Webinars

Paycheck to Paycheck 2015

This free webinar demonstration of  the National Housing Conference's online, interactive Paycheck to Paycheck database. Paycheck to Paycheck uses data from the first quarter of 2015 to examine the gap between wages and the housing costs, both rental and ownership, in 208 U.S. metro areas. The webinar will also include a discussion of key findings from the 2015 Paycheck to Paycheck report, which focused on the housing affordability challenges of workers in occupations commonly filled by millennials. 

Mindy Ault, National Housing Conference
Janet Viveiros, National Housing Conference

Back to School: Making the Link Between Housing and Education

This webinar described the key links between housing and education and highlighted ways people are working to improve educational outcomes for children through housing and community development policies and programs.

Kit Hale, Roanoke Valley REALTORS® Association
Courtney C. Reeve, Greenbrier Learning Center
Lisa Sturtevant, National Housing Conference
Jenna Tomasello, American Youth Policy Forum

Housing Counseling and Returning Home Buyers

Navigating the housing market and preparing financially for homeownership can be a daunting process, not only for those new to the housing market, but especially for previous homeowners who have experienced a foreclosure or were negatively affected in the housing market downtown.  Housing counseling is an effective tool to help people financially prepare to buy a home or re-enter the housing market after a foreclosure, providing advice to potential homebuyers on repairing or protecting their credit and assisting them in preparing for mortgage application, budget planning, and foreclosure prevention.

Heather Blankenship, Neighborhood Housing Services, Chicago
Leah Coldham, director of housing counseling programs, Housing Partnership Network
Rebekah King, policy associate, National Housing Conference

Local Affordable Housing Policymaking and Advocacy

Key affordable housing resources available from the National Housing Conference (NHC) and the Center for Housing Policy were discussed using real-world examples. Panelists discussed how these resources can be used to document and describe local affordable housing challenges, to communicate persuasively about housing needs, to identify promising local affordable housing solutions and to present affordable housing strategies to local stakeholders.

Amy Clark, director of marketing and communications, National Housing Conference
Mindy Ault, research associate, NHC's Center for Housing Policy
Janet Viveiros, senior research associate, NHC's Center for Housing Policy  

Housing and Older Adults

Experts in the area of housing and older adults presented on housing needs of the growing older adult population, livable communities policies that address the safety and quality of neighborhoods, and programs that combine housing and services to enable aging in place. 

Jennifer Molinsky, senior research associate, Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University
Rodney Harrell, director, Livable Communities at AARP
Janet Viveiros, senior research associate, National Housing Conference

Lisa Sturtevant, vice president of research, National Housing Conference

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