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The REALTOR® Party Hub

The NAR REALTOR® Party Hub is a comprehensive, Web-based grassroots communication system for online member outreach, engagement and mobilization that ulitizes Convio software.

 Our REALTOR® Party Hub combines online interaction tracking with offline information to build complete profiles of our members. These constituent profiles have been customized to synchronize directly with the NRDS database so that we have a complete and integrated member data set.

 The REALTOR® Party Hub's user-friendly dashboard brings together the outreach and engagement services your association needs to mobilize and engage your members. From the Hub, you control the common design components used to convey your association's brand identity in member-facing communications. Flexible administrative controls allow staff from your association to be assigned specific roles and access privileges. The ease-of-use and functional richness of the Convio Suite ensures its widespread use by an association's entire team, enabling collaboration from a common relationship management platform.

 The REALTOR® Party Hub automatically compiles detailed reports on member activities and advocacy and fundraising campaign results, giving your association the real-time analytical tools it needs to improve the effectiveness of member engagement relationship efforts.

 Consolidating all online member data into the REALTOR® Party Hub ensures your outreach and engagement activities reflect and contribute to a comprehensive profile of each NAR member.

 Our Grassroots Communication System is:

  • Easy-to-Use: Tools are designed for use by staff with a broad range of skills. No programming expertise is required to conduct campaigns, create content, or manage lists, while more technically oriented staff can maximize advanced features.
  • Reliable: Convio’s robust infrastructure powers the online presence of many of the country’s largest nonprofit associations. Convio has a proven track record of providing reliable, scalable and secure services.
  • Free: NAR offers this suite of tools at no cost to your association.

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If you have further questions, or would like to speak to someone about this program please contact comments@realtoractioncenter.com.