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eCommerce Set Up Form

Once you have signed up for a REALTOR® Party Hub training class (either online or in-person), and you have completed the Center Setup process we can commence with connecting your REALTOR® Party/Convio Hub to your NAR eCommerce account(s).

You can connect your center to multiple eCommerce accounts. The most common account that state associations set up is an RPAC account to collect direct PAC contributions from either a Convio donation form and/or a ticketed PAC event using the Convio Events module. If you want to connect both the Convio fundraising module and the Convio events module to an eCommerce account you must indicate that on the form.

Many associations also connect to non-PAC accounts for disaster relief type donation pages and for non-PAC related ticketed events. If you want a second eCommerce account, simply complete a second form. Just be sure to clearly label the accounts as PAC and Non-PAC.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the form
  2. Ask your accounting or finance team to complete the necessary parts of the form indicating your association's eCommerce account fields.
  3. Once the form is completed, send the form directly to Chris DeRosa in the NAR Chicago office. In the subject line indicate this is a "Convio eCommerce Connection Request". If you have two forms, include them both. 
  4. Chris will complete the NAR portion of the form and then submit the form to Convio for set up. Once Convio completes the connection, either Laura Camp or an Advocacy Team member will follow up with you to run needed testing on the account(s). It is important that you make test contributions/ticket purchases and subsequent refunds to ensure everything is working properly before launching an event or donation solicitation. We are here to help you do that! 

Once NAR receives your form the entire process should take about ten working days. So please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact the following:

NRDS Field questions? Chris DeRosa  (312) 329-8826
PAC Project donation forms set up and testing questions? Laura Camp (202) 383-7531
Non-PAC forms and event module set up and testing questions? comments@realtoractioncenter.com or Mike Cutlip.



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