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REALTOR® Party Hub Modules

Your center on the REALTOR® Party Hub consists of:

 Data Management
Use every aspect of a member enhanced NRDS record to create highly relevant content in messaging by inserting personalized fields or creating dynamic content blocks based on a particular profile. NAR has enhanced the standard NRDS data asset to include all RPAC donor history, member voter history and advocacy participations. In addition to the standard data set you have the ability to organize your own members lists into groups and interest your members have the state or local level to further customize the member data view.

 Messaging Module
Connect with your members by producing personalized email communications. Non-technical staff can create professional-quality communications online, including newsletters, dues payment requests, or action alerts. List segmentation and dynamic content enable you to customize your message for each recipient, increasing their engagement with your association. Industry-leading deliverability services ensure messages reach your audience and avoid the bulk mail folder. Many associations use the messaging module for their weekly and monthly member e-mail communications.

 Advocacy Module
Mobilize your members to participate effectively in the political process. Personalized email messages alert members to pressing legislative and regulatory issues and enable them to easily contact their elected officials. REALTOR® Party Hub ensures successful delivery via fax, e-mail or Web form, and profiles of federal, state and local elected official target data. REALTOR® Party Hub's engagement tools are optimized for one-click action to ensure transactions are easily completed and not abandoned which lead to higher participation rates among our members. Your association will have insight to your member’s participations at other levels of the organization and run reports based on their overall participation in advocacy efforts at the federal, state and local level.

 Events Module
Manage your offline events with online tools that simplify the entire process of marketing your events events, registering attendees, selling tickets, sending personalized communications about the events, and tracking event participation. Integrating your events with other engagement activities generates more comprehensive constituent profiles and enables an association to mobilize its supporters both online and offline. Our events module can be connected to your existing NAR eCommerce account to facilitate the easy management of money.

 Reporting and Analytics
To evaluate your member emails communications and advocacy participation we provide access to reporting on campaign performance and constituency engagement that summarizes trends over time and identifies what works and what does not. To effectively analyze your efforts, you need access to detailed data in formats that support custom investigations. REALTOR® Party Hub's online dashboard puts powerful reporting and analytics tools within easy reach.

 PAC Fundraising Module**
State associations can maximize RPAC donations by efficiently operating fundraising campaigns, each customized to different donor levels. Increase conversion with personalized “asks” that automatically adapt to a member’s contribution history. REALTOR® Party Hub’s comprehensive reporting facilitates ongoing improvements in performance, allowing you to easily evaluate and compare the effectiveness of different fundraising tactics and and donor cultivation strategies. 
(Access to this tool is by invitation only**)