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Guidelines For Presenting A Request For Funding

The applicant should presume that Committee members have read the submitted application and are expecting the association to present a concise summary of the funding request that allows the majority of time for questions and answers.

Length of Formal Presentation: 10 minutes.

Structure of Formal Presentation
The presentation should have three parts:

(1) Brief overview of the Funding Proposal that explains:

(a) The public policy issue that is the subject of the campaign
(b) How that issue impacts REALTORS®
(c) The key elements of the issue campaign strategy
(d) The grant amount being requested
(e) To what elements of the campaign strategy the grant would be applied
(f)  What association funds, if any, are being contributed to the campaign              

(2) An assessment of the “winnability” of the issue

(3) Responses to Committee questions.  Length of Q&A, which follows the formal presentation, is at the discretion of the Committee Chair.

The association should have one principal presenter who is able to explain the proposal in concise but comprehensive terms.   If other officers or representatives of the association need to speak, their names, and what they will speak about, should be identified at the beginning of the presentation. Where there is more than one presenter, each should speak to a different topic rather than use their time to reiterate what a previous presenter said.   Presenters should be prepared to direct the Committee to specific pages of the application, if necessary or helpful to the Committee’s review and discussion of the request.

Presentation on Conference Call
A Committee meeting via conference call does not give the association the opportunity to present information visually to the Committee, or to assess how well its presentation is being understood or followed.  Therefore, brevity and clarity of presentation are important. 

To the extent possible, the association presenter(s) should use a land line phone rather than a cell phone.

Presentation to Committee at NAR Business Meeting
Keeping in mind the recommended structure of the presentation, the association presenter(s) should utilize PowerPoint or a handout to help guide the Committee through the elements of the proposal.  The PowerPoint and/or handouts should be provided to NAR staff in advance of the meeting.