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Placemaking Grant Application

Note: the grant is only available to our state and local REALTOR® Associations.
Association Name: 
Association State: 
Association Staff Contact First Name: 
Association Staff Contact Last Name: 
Association Staff Contact Title: 
Association Staff Contact Phone:
Association Staff Contact Email: 
Association Executive Officer/CEO Name (if different than applicant): 
Association Executive Officer/CEO Email (if different than applicant): 

Grant Information

Amount Requested (up to $5,000):
Type of Project: Check only 1
Pocket Park
Is the site of the project accessible via transit, bike, or foot or only by car? Please describe.
Will the space be accessible most of the time to the whole community?   Please describe.
Location of Project (i.e., alley, vacant lot, open space, street, etc.) and current condition of the site: 
Describe the project and what will be done on the site?  Attach a copy of the concept plan.
What is the project’s total budget? Attach a copy of the budget (grant will not fund projects with a total budget over $200,000).
What will the grant funding be spent on? (i.e., design fees, seating, artwork, materials, site prep, labor, etc.).

How will gap funding (amount not approved by grant) be provided for?

How will this project transform the current site into a place for the community to gather and/or what types of positive cultural (community engagement), economic (increase in business activity), and other impacts will this project generate in the community?
Is this project part of a larger community revitalization or Placemaking project? 

What is the role of the REALTOR® Association in the project? How are REALTOR® members (YPN, commercial, brokers, etc.) engaged in the project? Describe in detail.

Are there any partners or volunteers involved in this project? Describe their roles. 
Check the type of partners involved in the project. Check all that apply.
Local Businesses
When will the project be started and completed?
How will the space be sustained and maintained after completion? 
Who owns the property and have you secured permission from the owner for the intended usage of the space?
State and local REALTOR® associations shall only use resources provided by the NAR REALTOR® Party Program within their association’s territorial jurisdictions as set by NAR.   Does the proposed activity adhere to the stated requirement?
Click here to attach photos, concept plan, budget and other related documents

Please check the box to certify that you have read and understand the disclaimer.  If you are not the Executive Officer/CEO, you also need to certify that the Executive Officer/CEO has read the disclaimer.

If the applicant is a local REALTOR® association, your state association must be notified of your application if required by the state association. 

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