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Placemaking Levels

For 2016, there are 2 grant levels.

 Level 1 – Up to $1,500 provided Project Requirements are met

  • Renew and revitalize an existing public space
  • Project is part of a revitalization, community or project plan
  • Downtown Streetscaping:  Improvements in a 2-3 block neighborhood/downtown
    • Renews area as a destination & increases walkability
    • Funds bike racks, seating, art, trees/planters, banners, etc.
    • Part of a plan that includes other amenities (seating, artwork, trees, kiosks, etc.)
  • Place Enhancements
    • Part of a plan to expand or enhance an existing place  and encourage more users
    • Funds trees, trail connectors, paths, seating, tables, art, kiosks, etc.
    • Funds can’t be used for repairs/replacements of amenities (i.e. benches, tables, etc.), landscaping, maintenance, infrastructure or capital improvements
  • Kiosks/Signage
    • Promotes and markets an existing place
    • Funds wayfarer/wayfinding signage, kiosks, trail markers, etc.
  • Activities to Activate a Place
    • Brings awareness to the place
    • Activities need to be reoccurring; not one-time events
    • Funds Farmer’s Markets, Night Markets, Movie Nights, etc.

 Level 2 – Up to $3,000 provided Project Requirements are met

  • Create a new, outdoor public place accessible to the whole community (park, plaza, garden, trail, etc.)
  • Project budget/costs can’t exceed $200,000
  • Need to submit a design concept/plan of the project
  • Dog Parks/Playgrounds/Community Gardens/Memorials
    • Need to be multi-functional places and include a variety of amenities (kiosks, paths, seating, etc.) for the whole community to enjoy
  • Memorial Sites
    • Funding can’t be used for the memorial itself but for amenities at memorial (kiosks, seating, paths, etc.) to make it a multi-functional space
  • Dog Parks
    • Funds can only be used on amenities for people, i.e. seating, water fountain, kiosks, etc

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