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Placemaking Micro-Grant

Note:  the 2016 application deadline has passed. Please check back in January, 2017.

The Placemaking Micro-grant is available to state and local REALTOR® Associations to help fund Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper placemaking projects in their communities. 

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper placemaking projects are small, inexpensive, and incremental community projects.  They do not need to cost a lot of money to get off the ground.   Nor do they need to take a lot of time to plan and complete.  But, these smaller types of Placemaking activities can often help to improve a neighborhood and make it a better place to live, work and play.

Lighter Quicker Cheaper projects help to:

  • Create community gathering places
  • Attract residents and visitors
  • Bring life to downtowns
  • Support walkable communities
  • Preserve open and green spaces

We encourage you to review our Placemaking Guide, Series of Webinars and Spaces to Places blog before applying for a Placemaking Micro-Grant.

Note:  For 2017, the criteria and types of projects funded for the Placemaking Micro-grant will be changed.  If you have a project in mind, submit the application by the end of October, 2016.

Grant Criteria & Requirements

  • Project Focus:  Creates, renews or revitalizes a public, outdoor space as a destination and gathering place.
  • Project Requirements
    • Part of a strategic, community or project plan.
    • Involves the participation of the Association and/or REALTORS® including funding, volunteering and project planning.
      • Promotes President Salomone’s “And Then Some” campaign.
    • Includes project budget and, if applicable, a design concept/plan.
    • Involves community partners.
    • Is accessible to the whole community and all residents.
    • Is accessible all, or most, of the time.
    • Incorporates the “Power of Ten”: place offers at least 10 things to do or 10 reasons to be there — place to sit, art to enjoy, music to hear, area to read/check email,  food to eat, history to experience, flowers to smell, people to meet, area to play, people to watch, things to learn, paths to walk, etc.
  • Number of Grants/Year
    • An Association can be approved for 2 grants per year.
    • The second grant must be for a new project, not to enhance the first project funded.
    • A second application will not be reviewed until the “after” photo from the first project is submitted.
  • Funding Amounts:  Two levels
    • Level 1: Up to $1,500 to renew and revitalize existing public spaces. 
    • Level 2: Up to $3,000 to create new public spaces.
  • Types of Projects Funded: See examples of the types of projects that can be funded.
  • Types of Projects Not Funded:  See the types projects that cannot be funded.

Grant Application Process

Applications Due: Accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year through October, 2016.

  • Take a photo(s) of the current site to be used as a “before” photo.
  • If applicable, get a copy of the project’s planning concept or plan.
  • Submit the online application.  You can attach the photo(s) and plan via the online  application.
    Note:  the 2016 application deadline has passed. Please check back in January, 2017.
  • Staff will schedule a brief phone call to discuss project and application within 10 days of submission of application.  You may need to provide additional information.
  • Staff will review application, and make a decision, within 10 days after the phone call and after all information is received.

Project Completion  

  • Project must be completed within one year after grant application was approved. 
  • Within 3 months after the project was completed, the following needs to be sent to NAR:
    • After photo(s) of the project.
    • Brief report of what happened (i.e. use/visits by the community; media coverage; other community projects, outcomes, etc.).
  • Celebrate your success. We encourage you to consider having a “ribbon cutting” ceremony or similar event and inviting the community, stakeholders and media and include that in your report.
  • Write a blog post. We are always looking for guest bloggers for Spaces to Places.   If you would like to write a blog post on your project, let us know.

Disbursement of Funds

  • Funds will be distributed as follows:
    • Submit proof of how funds were spent.
    • Acceptable forms of proof include an invoice, signed contract, receipts, and cancelled checks.
    • The request for reimbursement must be made within 90 days of the completion of the project.
    • Once all documentation is received, NAR will process the check request.
      • Checks can be payable to your Association or Board, or an organization (we will need  the Tax ID number and phone number) but not to a government agency.  
    • It usually takes ten working days to two weeks for the check to be processed and mailed out.
  • Associations will not be able to submit another application for one year if funds were not used as described in application.

For more information on the Placemaking Micro-grant, email Holly Moskerintz or give her a call at 202-383-1157.

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