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The New REALTORParty.com


As most of you know, NAR is the process of renaming, redesigning and reorganizing the REALTOR® Action Center website. The new REALTORParty.com will be a holistic website that provides advocacy materials for state and local REALTOR® Association staff, and facilitates two-way opportunities to engage individual REALTORS® and associations in the REALTOR® Party. 

The project goals are:
•    To create a flexible website infrastructure and architecture to sustain organizational and programmatic growth over time.
•    To engage members with visually compelling content, increasing our use of photos, videos and infographics.
•    Provide technology that allows REALTORS® to share their advocacy-related photos and videos with NAR as well as provide additional sharable content for social media. 

What's New

Web Address

Our new website will have a new web address at www.REALTORParty.com. This change emphasizes the focus on all the REALTOR® Party's advocacy activities.


Instead of the four navigation areas on the REALTOR® Action Center, REALTORParty.com Will have seven main menu items:

  • About Us: Background and history information for the REALTOR® Party and RPAC
  • News & Events: The latest success stories, infographics, podcasts and social media content for the REALTOR® Paryty and RPAC
  • Programs & Grants: Campaign Services, Community Outreach, Member and Consumer Mobilization and RPAC and Political Fundraising programs and grant applications
  • Tools & Resources: REALTOR® Party tools and resources for Campaign Services, Community Outreach, Member and Consumer Mobilization and RPAC and Political Fundraising
  • Training & Educational Opportunities: Get information on REALTOR® Party classes
  • Recognition: Awards and investor information for the REALTOR® Party and RPAC and Political Fundraising
  • State & Local Issues: Learn about state and local issues resources


With more photos and videos, a sleek and upgraded mobile-friendly design will create a better expersience to REALTORParty.com users.

Social Content

REALTORParty.com content will be easily shareable on your favorite social media sites.You'll also find regulary updates graphics and social media posts for you to share on your websites and withe your clients.

Call for Action + Issue Awareness 

Why We Vote
Find out how REALTORS® use their power at the polls to support the REALTOR® Party! Get ready for the elections, meet the candidates and make sure you're registered to vote!
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