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What is the REALTOR® Party?

Ever wonder "What is the REALTOR® Party?" Well wonder no more. Join us on a six-week campaign to learn what the REALTOR® Party is - what it does - and how critical it is for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice. We've made it easy. Six-weeks. Six concepts. Six easy-to-digest infographics to help you understand the need for REALTORS® to work together to VOTE, ACT and INVEST. The first week begins now. Take a look at the first concept and infographic. Download it. Print it. Share it.

What is the Realtor® Party?

What is the REALTOR Party?


It is all about REALTORS® working together to VOTE, ACT and INVEST to protect the Dream of Home Ownership, to build vibrant communities, and to promote a strong U.S. economy.

  • Vote is REALTORS® working together to protect REALTOR® interests by voting and educating voters about issues that affect property owners.
  • Act is REALTORS® working together to in support of policies and regulations that promote home ownership and the real estate industry.
  • Invest is REALTORS® working together to contribute to candidates who support REALTORS® and private property rights.


Your REALTOR® Party Leadership

 What is the REALTOR® Party?

"Many members have asked me what the REALTOR® Party is. It’s a good question and I am glad that members are inquiring. To help members better understand what the REALTOR® Party is and what it does for you, we created a new REALTOR® Party awareness campaign. Over the next five weeks, I have asked several members of the 2013 Leadership Team to highlight a specific aspect of the REALTOR® Party. To accompany each aspect, we will be rolling out an info-graphic for you to share with members, association staff and consumers. There are three components – Vote, Act and Invest. Each aspect has already existed for several years. What is new is we are bringing them together under one banner – the REALTOR® Party…"

Gary Thomas, 2013 NAR President

REALTOR® Party Resources

Tell Us What You Think!

We’d love your feedback! Share your thoughts and ideas about the REALTOR® Party Awareness Campaign materials and the videos from NAR Leadership. REALTORS® we want to know your thoughts. We also want to hear more about how you have used or shared the materials. If you are a broker, did you share them in your meetings with agents? If you are an association, did you share them at your member meetings or newsletters?

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