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REALTOR® Party Goals

Ever wonder "What is the REALTOR® Party?" Well wonder no more. Join us on a six-week campaign to learn what the REALTOR® Party is - what it does - and how critical it is for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice. We've made it easy. Six-weeks. Six concepts. Six easy-to-digest infographics to help you understand the need for REALTORS® to work together to VOTE, ACT and INVEST. The third week begins now. Take a look at the third concept and infographic. Download it. Print it. Share it.

Realtor® Party Goals

REALTOR Party Goals?


There are five goals of the REALTOR® Party:

  • ENCOURAGE members to get involved in their association and their community.
  • EDUCATE REALTORS®on the issues that impact their community and their bottom line.
  • ENGAGE REALTORS® on behalf of strengthening their businesses.
  • BUILD relationships with REALTORS® and brokers to protect our industry and our customers.
  • DELIVER resources to state and local associations.


Your REALTOR® Party Leadership

 What is the REALTOR® Party?

"By standing tall together we protect the dream of homeownership, help build vibrant communities and promote a strong U.S. economy. These goals to ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE, ENGAGE, BUILD and DELIVER are critical to the success of the REALTOR® Party. You are helping raise the profile of the REALTOR® Party. It will help us accomplish our goal of a stronger real estate market that will benefit all Americans. "

Chris Polychron, 2013 First Vice President

REALTOR® Party Resources

REALTOR Party Awareness Flyer

Tell Us What You Think!

We’d love your feedback! Share your thoughts and ideas about the REALTOR® Party Awareness Campaign materials and the videos from NAR Leadership. REALTORS® we want to know your thoughts. We also want to hear more about how you have used or shared the materials. If you are a broker, did you share them in your meetings with agents? If you are an association, did you share them at your member meetings or newsletters?

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Member Feedback

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Submitted by Mark Steve
at: April 9, 2014


Submitted by IMH INSPECTOR
at: February 19, 2013

Thank you Steve, Chris I have read the realtor party info and here is my opinon on what we need to do. Encourage-i have gotten involved in my community and have been to DC to voice my opinon and concern of our industry. Educate-i have explained to my co workers that the banks were not the vilains of the market crash. BUT the govt failed policies was ! Engage-the strentgh of our business works hand in hand with the state of the economy. which is a disaster ! Build-if we truly want to protect our industry and homeownership we need to have GOVT get out of the private property business of real estate. Deliever-the only thing i want to deliever to my state is my anual lic.fee $$ so there you have it. as a proud memeber for over 17yrs I would love to see the Realtor Party stand on principles of limited govt and not out of control intrusive govt !! 

Submitted by fernando arce
at: February 19, 2013