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Vote, Act and Invest: How It Works Together

Ever wonder "What is the REALTOR® Party?" Well wonder no more! Join us on a six-week campaign to learn what the REALTOR® Party is - what it does - and how critical it is for REALTORS® across America to come together and speak with one voice. We've made it easy. Six-weeks. Six concepts. Six easy-to-digest infographics to help you understand the need for REALTORS® to work together to VOTE, ACT and INVEST. This week we are learning about how VOTE, ACT and INVEST work together. Take a look at the fourth concept and infographic. Download it. Print it. Share it.

How It Works Together

Vote, Act and Invest: How It Works Together


VOTE, ACT and INVEST cannot function in isolation of one another. In order for us to effectively leverage our political strength they need to operate in a perpetual cycle.

  • VOTE for those candidates who cast votes that support our business.
  • ACT by participating in Calls for Action, and by being active, informed, engaged members of our communities.
  • INVEST in elected officials who support our business.
This is our power.


Your REALTOR® Party Leadership

 How VOTE, ACT and INVEST Work Together

"If you are better informed about legislative and regulatory issues affecting real estate, you will be more likely to invest in pro-REALTOR® Party candidates and vote for those candidates that support our business. It may not seem like much, but every pin, every retweet, and every Facebook share you make of these materials help ensure that all REALTORS® understand how interrelated each component of the REALTOR® Party is. Your support of the REALTOR® Party will make a difference."

Bill Armstrong, 2013 NAR Treasurer

REALTOR® Party Resources

REALTOR Party Awareness Flyer

Tell Us What You Think!

We’d love your feedback! Share your thoughts and ideas about the REALTOR® Party Awareness Campaign materials and the videos from NAR Leadership. REALTORS® we want to know your thoughts. We also want to hear more about how you have used or shared the materials. If you are a broker, did you share them in your meetings with agents? If you are an association, did you share them at your member meetings or newsletters?

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Submitted by jacob david
at: November 4, 2013

We would like to take the I am the REALTOR Party logo and Change it up a bit. Take some of the actual issues (MID) and say "I am a REALTOR and I supported the Mortgage Interest Deduction" with the logo. Using small signs like this with the REALTOR photos and posting it to social media or our website might inspire others to donate. Maybe have a few different signs to use. This would be inexpensive, recognition for donations and pulling in the consumer that the REALTORS want the same things they want. Is this possible? Thanks 

Submitted by Suzanne Close
at: April 15, 2013

I think this is great! Looking forward to the next items in the series. I do have a question though: Where do I find RPAC logos to download?? Thanks so much for the help. 

Submitted by Martha Hilton
at: March 3, 2013

Information are being shared to the public. 

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I am extremely disappointed with NAR leadership for not only failing to be a part of the solution to the recent national housing crisis, but for having been a MAJOR PART OF THE PROBLEM. Instead of telling the public that housing markets are very local and tied directly to the local economies of every city and town in America, which national and local media also failed to report, the NAR economist and PR department actually published national average house sale prices and the "Housing Index", like real estate was some kind of commodity on an exchange. This may be of interest to economists and statisticians. But, it is disinformation when given to the general public, even if you provided a disclaimer, which you didn't, that housing markets are very much a function of local economies and national figures do not represent any kind of meaningful information. People generally believe whatever they see on TV or read in the paper, even if it runs counter to their own perception, knowledge and experience. This nation-wide housing crisis is the biggest self-fulfilling prophesy I have ever witnessed. For a large part of the Country that had no "housing bubble" in the form of inflated housing prices, it was created in the minds of the public by the media, with NAR's help. And, it became very real, nonetheless. 

Submitted by Harry Morris
at: February 27, 2013