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REALTOR® Party Director & Liaison Request Form

  • Completion and submittal of this request does not guarantee a liaison's participation at your meeting/event.
  • Please fill out a separate request for each event which requires liaison participation.
  • You must complete this form listing ALL of the meetings and activities you wish the liaison to attend when you initially submit your request. Remember no additional meetings or activities may be added to the liaison's itinerary after the request has been accepted. No exceptions to this policy are permitted.
  • Questions about individual liaison should be directed to Beth Brittingham.
  • Please allow up to 10 working days for a response.

Requestor Information (State or Local REALTOR® Association AE/CEO or Staff Only)

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:
Business Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
Business Fax:
Event Name:
Type of Event (check one box):

If Other, please describe:
What topic(s) would you most like the liaison to cover? (check all that apply)

I. REALTOR® Party Spokesperson or Liaison Request Information

Please provide more detail about the topics and/or the program results you would like the REALTOR® Party Leader to discuss.” (Fill in the blank box):

Here is the list of available leaders and the topics they can address (NAR Staff may contact you regarding an appropriate speaker for your event):
Tray Bates [more information]
REALTOR Party Fundraising Liaison
Leigh Brown [more information]
RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee Chair
Brian Copeland [more information]
RPAC Participation Council Chair
Tamara Suminski [more information]
RPAC Major Investor Council Chair
Eric Sain [more information]
REALTOR Party Disbursement Liaison
Julie Minto [more information]
REALTOR Party Member Involvement Liaison
Mary Dykstra [more information]
REALTOR Party Community Outreach Liaison
Margo Wheeler [more information]
REALTOR Party Director
Other RPAC Trustee:  please specify
If you wish to have more than one REALTOR® Party Liaison and the REALTOR® Party Spokesperson at you event, you must complete separate forms for each individual.
Exact date(s) the Liaison is invited to participate (in mm/dd/yyyy format):

II. Contact Information

First name:
Last Name:

Email Address:
Business Phone:
Business Fax:
Mobile Phone:
Are you attending this event?

III. Meeting/Event Specifics

Name of facility where meeting is being held:


Location is a... (check one):
Convention Center
Board and/or State Offices

If Other, please describe:

IV. Speaker Logistics

Date of Liaison's remarks
Event Start Time (hh:mm am/pm):
Event EndTime
(hh:mm am/pm):
Time Liaison's remarks begin (hh:mm am/pm):
How long does the liaison have to speak?
Are there any other leaders attending?
If yes, please list the leaders attending.
Are there any other staff attending?
If yes, please list the staff attending.
Do you intend to raise RPAC dollars during your event
Tell us about the Audience: (Check all that apply)

If Other, please describe:

Audience size (check one):

Type of remarks (check all that apply):

If Other, please explain:

If the liaison will be participating on a panel, please list the names and affiliations of the other participants.
Please provide agenda and correct pronunciation of names. (Upload your agenda below)
Would you be willing to have the liaison participate via videoconference?
Yes No

Is PowerPoint expected?
Yes No

Will there be Q & A?
Yes No
Special Instructions/Requests:

V. Travel Plans

  •  The requesting association is responsible for reserving the appropriate lodging. When reserving a hotel room for NAR REALTOR® Party leadership, please ensure that it is guaranteed for late arrival.
  •  REALTOR® Party leadership will handle their own air and ground transportation reservations. (NAR will cover the cost of air, hotel and ground transportation.)
Please provide any questions or comments below:
Note: Before clicking the "Submit Information" button below, please print a copy of this REALTOR® Party Liaison/REALTOR® Party Spokesperson request for your records. If you experience technical difficulties in submitting this form, please print it and email it to Beth Brittingham.