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REALTOR Party In Action: Campaign News

The REALTOR® Party is out in the field partnering with your state and local associations to protect home ownership and fight back against legislation and regulations that harm your bottom line. Here are some examples of the work we are doing in the field to protect real estate.


Louisiana REALTORS® Partner with NAR to Win Ban on Transfer Taxes

On Saturday, November 19, Louisiana voters went to the polls and supported Constitutional Amendment No. 1 to prohibit real estate transfer taxes. Saturday’s vote was the culmination of a year-long planning effort by the Louisiana REALTORS® and NAR.

The amendment passed overwhelmingly with nearly 81 percent of the vote. The amendment passed decisively in all 64 parishes.  The unofficial tally was as follows:  476,938 votes FOR (80.8%), 113,326 votes AGAINST (19.20%). The nearly 590,000 votes cast represented a voter turnout of almost 21%. 

A vote of the legislature earlier this year put the transfer tax measure on the ballot.  Final legislative passage occurred in June 2011 on a 101-0 vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives and a 34-0 vote in the Louisiana State Senate.

Here is how we did it:

Substantial funding and technical support from NAR and its issue advocacy team who provided consulting, polling, targeting and communications outreach assistance. 

Extensive engagement and support by the Louisiana state association and 13 local boards.  More than 10,000 yard signs, 250 large signs, 10,000 bumper stickers, 5,000 lapel stickers, 5,000 push cards and 5,000 postcards were distributed. Frequent communications kept members informed and engaged. 

REALTORS® also coordinated communications outreach with local opinion formers and media as well as phone calls and rallies to inform and motivate voters. 

A concerted attempt to obtain third-party support.  By the end of the campaign, some 15 organizations around the state, many of them chambers of commerce, had formally expressed support for Constitutional Amendment No. 1. 

Neutralization of potential opposition throughout the year and marginalization of actual opposition the final two weeks of the campaign.

About a dozen newspapers across the state endorsed Constitutional Amendment No. 1, including papers in six of the seven major metropolitan markets.  A handful of television stations also editorialized in favor of the amendment in the days leading up to the election. 

Social media engagement via a Facebook page that ended up with more than 1,000 “Likes.” Facebook become a portal for news clips and other campaign information, and many REALTORS® posted on the page’s Wall and shared the page. 

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