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REALTOR® Party Resources for Associations

The REALTOR® Party is a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTORS® Associations working to protect and promote homeownership ane property interests. The REALTORS® is designed to leverage our association’s best asset—our members. REALTORS® do so much more than list and sell property. They are community builders dedicated to improving their towns, cities, states and America. They do this because it’s good for the economic and social well-being of all citizens. They do this because it’s good for business.

To ensure that each and every REALTOR® Association has the opportunity to implement a successful community or political outreach initiative, NAR is supplying a wide range of services and tools.

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Find out how REALTORS® use their power at the polls to support the REALTOR® Party! Get ready for the elections, meet the candidates and make sure you're registered to vote!
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