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REALTOR® Party - Game Changer Ideas

The REALTOR® Party Game Changer concept originated in 2011 from the thought that a state or local association may have a great, original public policy, advocacy or outreach idea relating to real estate, but it still may not fall under the tools and services included in the REALTOR® Party. For that reason, the REALTOR® Party Game Changer Program was established.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) looks for new programs, events, or plans that change the way business is typically conducted, thought about or made. In addition, Game Changer ideas should be ones that can be replicated with other states and local associations.

Starting in 2015 Game Changer applications will be available to applicants year-round.  Applications will be received and reviewed twice a year (due January 31 and July 31).  Following the application deadline, ideas will be reviewed by a Game Changer Review Group, comprised of state and local association executives and government affairs directors. Winners will be determined by vote within about one month after the application deadline and will be based on idea originality and adherence to outlined criteria (see below).  New for 2015 -- award amounts will be available for up to $15,000 per applicant.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Game Changer application or the process, please contact Kyle Lambert London at klambert@realtors.org or 202-383-1203.

Criteria and Process for Game Changer Proposals
Game Changer Application (pdf)

2014 Game Changer Program Winners

While selection may be partially subjective, based on the tastes of the Review Group and current trends, all awardees meet REALTOR® Party goals and outlined criteria. The winning ideas come from both state and local REALTOR® associations. NAR would like to congratulate the winners of the 2013 Game Changer Program, and encourages all state and local associations to keep thinking out of the box for ways to enhance their involvement in local political advocacy and community issues.

Name: Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS®
  Laura Crowther, CEO; Nate Johnson, GAD
Award Amount: $25,000
Program:  Open House App

The coastal area of South Carolina has over 15 million visitors annually with an average return rate of 7 times.  In order to compete with local sign ordinances, this vacation-area board, along with their coalition partners, propose to create an electronic app for long-term vacationers and potential homebuyers to view local open houses, maps, and property details which will connect them directly with a REALTOR® upon use with the hope that continual use may show to law-makers the need to overturn the local area sign ordinance. 

We have heard the phrase “all real estate is local,”…and it is, yet this app will work with any local MLS market, resort or not.  This Game Changer is an ideal way to capture the visitor’s attention, and at the same time help promote the vibrant, local community and it’s real estate.   


 Name: North Carolina Association of REALTORS®
  Andrea Bushnell, CEO; Cady Thomas, GAD; Kristin Miller, GAD
Award Amount: $25,000
Program:  RPAC Initiative

The North Carolina RPAC Initiative will integrate NAR’s PAC Management System and the REALTOR® Party Hub’s demographic and political data into NCAR’s existing website.  By doing this, the association will be able to analyze member data, identify and target potential Major Investors and other RPAC contributors, and will provide targeted, strategic communications in order to bring RPAC investments and member engagement up to the next level.

This will provide an easy way for members to see what they have, or have not, “invested” in a current year,  as well as see the direct impact RPAC investments have on protecting state-wide homeownership and their businesses.  This will increase the number of members who contribute – and will strengthen RPAC and ultimately the entire real estate profession.


 Name: Salt Lake Board of REALTORS®
  Curtis Bullock, CEO; Justin Allen, GAD
Award Amount: $25,000
Program:  Improving Salt Lake City’s Air

In partnership with the Utah Transit Authority, the Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® will address a periodic and chronic air quality issue affecting Salt Lake City.  This Game Changer will raise awareness and provide solutions, by garnering support for and use of Utah's growing mass transit network. 

Through this public relations effort, coupled with an innovative way to gain support for mass transit through a pass program targeted at agents and their clients, the Salt Lake REALTORS® will help to improve air quality, encourage transit use, as well as strengthen their relationships with state and local government officials and the local transit authority.


 Name: Traverse Area Association of REALTORS®
  Kimberly Pontius, CEO, Traverse Area Association
Award Amount: $20,000
Program:  Invest in RPAC – We’re On Your Side

When is a member most likely to feel like investing in RPAC? When they close a transaction and get paid, of course! This is the premise behind a new, and potentially low impact, way for associations to increase their RPAC investments and donor base.

The “Invest in RPAC: We’re On Your Side” Game Changer is an innovative, new and affordable RPAC fundraising idea that will connect MLS operations and Realtor Associations by leveraging their technology to enable brokers and agents, to voluntarily invest in RPAC upon completion of, and on each side of, a sales transaction.

With 5 million U.S. real estate transactions taking place annually, this idea could provide a tremendous boost in RPAC investments across the membership!


 Name: Utah Association of REALTORS®
  Chris Kyler, CEO; Deanna Devey, GAD; Karlie Brand, GAD
Award Amount: $25,000
Program:  RPAC Initiative

In partnership with Utah’s state government and several local industry groups, the Utah Association of REALTORS® will develop the Utah Land Academy -- a statewide, web-based training program for municipal and county officials on land-use law, smart growth principles, and municipal financial management.

Using educational, engaging videos and interactive course content— and modeled after the popular Khan Academy— this program will familiarize and educate land-use officials on state law and planning best practices.

Following implementation, the Association looks forward to an improvement in land-use policy and municipal management in Utah, which in turn, will promote and encourage affordable homeownership throughout the state.

Upon word of receiving this Game Changer Award, and after a better understanding of the REALTORS’® commitment to this project, the Utah state legislature provided UAR with an additional award of $230,000 to launch the program in 2014, and an additional $30,000 each year thereafter to sustain it.


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