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REALTOR® Party - Game Changer Ideas

The REALTOR® Party Game Changer concept originated in 2011 from the thought that a state or local association may have a great, original public policy, advocacy or outreach idea relating to real estate, but it still may not fall under the tools and services included in the REALTOR® Party. For that reason, the REALTOR® Party Game Changer Program was established.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) looks for new programs, events, or plans that change the way business is typically conducted, thought about or made. In addition, Game Changer ideas should be ones that can be replicated with other states and local associations.

Starting in 2015 Game Changer applications will be available to applicants year-round.  Applications will be received and reviewed twice a year (due January 31 and July 31).  Following the application deadline, ideas will be reviewed by a Game Changer Review Group, comprised of state and local association executives and government affairs directors. Winners will be determined by vote within about one month after the application deadline and will be based on idea originality and adherence to outlined criteria (see below).  New for 2015 -- award amounts will be available for up to $15,000 per applicant.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Game Changer application or the process, please contact Kyle Lambert London at klambert@realtors.org or 202-383-1203.

Criteria and Process for Game Changer Proposals
Game Changer Application (pdf)

2016 Game Changer Program Winners

While selection may be partially subjective, based on the opinions of the Review Group and current trends, all awardees meet REALTOR® Party goals and outlined criteria. The winning ideas come from both state and local REALTOR® associations. NAR would like to congratulate the winners of the 2016 Game Changer Program, and encourages all state and local associations to keep thinking out of the box for ways to enhance their involvement in political advocacy and community issues.

Round 1 WINNERS – January

Name: Greater Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® (Florida)
Contact: Adam Sanders, GAD
Award Amount: $15,000
The Fort Lauderdale REALTORS® presented a Leadership Academy/Development program for members of the Boys & Girls Club nearing college age. The program taught participants about traits for a successful job interview, included a visit to Broward College to explore the opportunities of higher education.  Participants met with the County Commission to discuss issues impacting the community, visited the airport to learn about local economics, including a demonstration by the Sheriff Office Bomb Squad and fire professionals, which helped to build trust in the community. Lastly, they learned about careers in real estate and how REALTORS® are leaders and make an impact in the community.


Name: Cobb Association of REALTORS® (GA)
Contact: Barry Arnold, CEO
Award Amount: $5,000
Program Own and Run Cobb County Community Home Finder Page on the Atlanta Journal Constitution On-Line Site
Through the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Cobb Association hosts the On-Line Cobb Community HomeFinders page.  This online web site provides current and potential homeowners with information on the County, homes for sale, market data, neighborhoods, schools, local attractions, shopping, recreation and dining. Through the sponsorship the Cobb Association submits editorial content that promotes the idea that REALTORS® are not just real estate agents but they also advocate for homeowner value and property rights.


Name: North Carolina REALTORS®
Contact: Andrea Bushnell, CEO
Award Amount: $15,000
“NC REALTORS®: The Smart Move”
NC REALTORS® goal was to increase the perception that REALTORS® are partners and advocates for their clients and the community. The program acts to increase understanding of the value of a REALTOR®. NCAR hosted a consumer contest which gave homeowners the chance to discuss the value in using a REALTOR®. Through a phased roll out, the program was incorporated into everything the association does, including information for advocacy day and leave behinds. The ultimate goal was to make REALTORS® a partner the community can rely on.


Name: Salt Lake Board of REALTORS® (Utah)
Contact: Justin Allen, GAD
Award Amount: $15,000
Use REALTOR® Party Voter Data to Learn Interest in Real Estate Issues
SLBR is using NAR consulting company, TargetSmart, to glean data from the Voterfile 2.0 voter information to conduct online housing surveys to identify specific voters who were supportive of REALTOR® issues. These results are being used to identify more successful ways to survey and identify important issues. SLBR was looking for a way to create a less cost prohibitive way to survey since direct calls are extremely expensive. In the future, SLBR hopes to engage specific issue voters in the community.



Name: Baldwin County Association of REALTORS® (Alabama)
Contact: Sheila Dodson, CEO
Award Amount: $7,500
Realtor Activity Book
The idea was to create an activity book for children and their parents to educate current and potential property owners of the benefits of using a REALTOR®. It will highlight how REALTORS® fight for property rights and have invaluable knowledge about the industry. Another goal was to show REALTORS® as community builders, and to create and enforce a positive image. Help further the "Get REALTOR" campaign. This book will be provided as supplemental materials for the kindergarten curriculum. Currently have a good relationship with the schools due to the role they played to inform the community on taxes that benefit the schools.


Name: North Carolina REALTORS®
Contact: Seth Palmer, GAD
Award Amount: $15,000
Through the NC REALTORS® Connect project, NCAR will make advocacy and engagement easy, fun, and effective. NC REALTORS® Connect is a multi-channel, mobile application, allowing members to connect with the association wherever they may be. From responding to calls for action to getting answers to common legal questions and learning more about upcoming association events, this app will be a one-stop-shop for all things NC REALTORS®. It will also have an element of fun and competition, allowing members to be rewarded for their engagement by earning recognition. It will not be a singularly focused REALTOR® advocacy tool, but rather one which can evolve and develop to meet the specific needs of NC REALTORS® now and into the future. It will be a go-to daily application for members for everything NC REALTORS®. Idea was identified as a primary goal at the annual NC REALTORS® strategic planning process and recommended by REALTOR® of the Future-North Carolina Presidential Advisory Group.


Name: Utah Association of REALTORS®
Contact: Joanna MacKay, GAD
Award Amount: $15,000
REALTORS® Brand Impact Project
The Utah REALTORS® are conducting a public campaign research project to determine the value of invoking the REALTOR® brand in political communications to find out if REALTOR® involvement/endorsements enhance or hurt candidate or issues campaigns associated with the brand. A secondary component will be to find out which REALTOR® issues resonate most with Utah residents in specific geographies. (i.e. affordable housing, development, transportation, etc.).  Findings will help make more educated and focused decisions on issues.


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