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Game Changer Criteria

What is a “Game Changer?”  According to Oxford dictionary, a game changer is a person, idea or event that completely changes the way a situation develops.  For the purposes of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS’® REALTOR® Party, we define it as an idea that is new and different; one that stands out from the crowd.  A REALTOR® organization Game Changer is an entirely new program, event, or plan that changes the way business is typically done, thought about or made. It is to spur innovation through originality or a new delivery method with the ultimate goal of advancing the real estate industry and protecting private property rights.  Game Changer ideas are also ones that other state and local associations can replicate in their localities.

The REALTOR® Party Initiative was developed around three goals: 

  • To enhance real estate-related community involvement;
  • To help elect REALTOR® champions to public office at all levels of government; and
  • To promote issues that protect and enhance REALTOR® public policy in communities

As you complete the Game Changer application, please keep in mind these goals will be taken into consideration by the Game Changer Review Board.

Game Changer Criteria - To qualify for funding, the idea must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Advance or defeat a real estate related public policy issue;
  • Advocate for or against a real estate related state/local government or community initiative;
  • Increase REALTOR® awareness/support of, and/or public perception regarding a real estate related issue or topic;
  • Promote RPAC; or
  • Educate the property owner, or potential property owner, on real estate related, community issues.

In addition, the Game Changer Review Group looks for the application to contain the following:

  • Has the applicant clearly demonstrated measureable goals that indicate success of the idea?
  • Does the applicant have an established budget and timeline necessary to achieve success?
  • Has the applicant provided tangible factors that may inhibit their ability to succeed and adequately considered how this will affect their idea, made concessions for these factors and proven they can realistically overcome them to be successful?
  • Can the idea be adapted by other REALTOR® associations in other geographic areas of the country?
  • Has the applicant examined whether or not their proposal would warrant funding under an existing NAR program?

Game Changer Process

  1. The same assessment criteria will be utilized for every submission received.
  2. Applications are currently available online at www.realtoractioncenter.com/gamechanger
  3. Please complete the application form completely and submit it to NAR with appropriate attachments by the deadline dates below.
    Applications may be emailed to klambertlondon@realtors.org  or sent via USPS or other mail carrier to:
    500 New Jersey Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20001
    Attn: Kyle Lambert London
  4. NAR is willing to review applications prior to the deadline dates (of January 31 and July 31) and prior to being reviewed by the Game Changer Review Group in order to provide input and adjustments to the application that may enhance the likelihood of success of the application.
  5. By applying for funds through the NAR Game Changer Program, the association agrees to be flexible in its willingness to accept counsel and advice from NAR regarding possible alternatives or alterations to their application and plan prior to being awarded funding.

Important Dates

  • The deadline for applications is close of business on January 31 and July31. 
  • The Game Changer Review Board will review applications and determine selections approximately one month later.  Applicants will be contacted following the Review Board’s decisions.


  • A total of $150,000 will be available for the Game Changer ideas each fiscal year.
  • Game Changer funding will be available in amounts up to $15,000 per applicant per cycle.
  • Funding will be awarded until the budget is depleted or until the Game Changer Review Board determines the awards and funding are final.
  • The Review Group’s determination of funding will take into consideration matching funds and/or staffing (in kind) assistance on the part of the association submitting the application.

Game Changer Review Board: The Game Changer Review Board will be comprised of selected Association Executives and Government Affairs Directors, including a chair or vice chair from each, respective committee.  Game Changer Review Board members who have a conflict of interest with an application will recuse themselves from voting on that application. The Board will be staffed by Kyle  Lambert London, NAR REALTOR® Party Education Manager.

(Document updated ~September 1, 2014)

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