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BIP Monthly Reports and Goals

Monthly Broker Reports

2016 October Broker and Agent totals

Archived monthly reports

The 2016 Broker Involvement Council established the following two goals for the President's Cup. States must choose one.

  1. Host a State Broker Meeting (proposed agenda for 2016 and evaluation form) and invite Broker Involvement Council member (or REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Liaison) to speak. The state Broker Council member must submit a summary, meeting agenda, and attendance list to NAR. View the report information.


  2. Utilize State Broker Call for Action Program at least one time on a state Call for Action.

Questions about the Broker Involvement Program goals, contact Erin Murphy.

There are a total of four advoacy goals and four RPAC goals -- eight total -- that must be met for the 2016 President's Cup. See the list.

Call for Action + Issue Awareness 

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