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Success Stories - Broker Involvement Grant

Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS®

Broker Roadshow:
In order to successfully reach out to Brokers to recruit and retain their participation in NAR's Broker Involvement Program, The Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS® desires to create a professionally produced, traveling Roadshow to reach key brokers in their area.

Vehicle + Vehicle Wrap:
Wrapped Vehicle to attract attention when parked outside Broker's offices, at local and state conventions, city planning and zoning meetings. Ideally, a van, which is large enough to carry key personnel and staff to aforementioned events.
Vehicle Wrap design will promote the REALTOR® brand, the 4 pillars of NAR advocacy and The Coastal Carolinas Association of REALTORS® brand image.

Distribution Materials:

  • Broker Involvement Program brochure
  • RPAC direct deposit participation form for Brokers and their agents.  This is from a Game Changer grant - Traverse Area Assn. of REALTORS® created the "We're On Your Side" program.   Click here for video  Click here for form
  • Politics, Advocacy and Real Estate Brochure, highlighting key issues facing REALTORS® on the local, state and national level and how it impacts their day to day business. Include call to action to get involved via donations and participation.
  • REALTOR® Party involvement promotional items: "VOTE, ACT and INVEST" pens, buttons, cups, etc. 
  • Show the Broker offices the REALTOR® Party video: (http://www.realtoractioncenter.com/realtor-party/)
  • Talk about the importance of their involvement in GOTV efforts in electing REALTOR® Party champions. Are you Register to Vote? We can help with that!
  • Promote the mobile Call for Action app. 
  • Developing and finding an agent(s) in each broker offices - to be advocacy member(s) to work together with the local GAD. To increase participation to RPAC and CFA's.
  • Feature a "Broker Spotlight" on our website, within our Broker and Agent Newsletters highlighting success story of a broker who is getting agents involved in NAR initiatives. Informs and educates other Brokers how to better engage their agents and fuels the competitive nature of the business. Sparks the brokers interested in using CCAR as a resource and signing up their office for a Road show visit.
  • Developing a CCAR vote-act-invest program flyer/sign up form to receive a REALTOR® Party ID card (you have to have shown to have Vote - Act and Invest. Like a AARP card as example.

Produce compelling, professional video about local market issues (HOA, Flood Insurance) with home owner and REALTOR® testimonial. Highlight state and NAR advocacy initiatives. Video to be presented in-person during agent meetings at brokerages. CCAR staff on hand to answer questions and ask for an investment in RPAC.

Social Media:
Road show to be promoted via Social Media channels on CCAR facebook page and designated hashtag on Twitter. Post upcoming scheduled visits in advance of Roadshow to build excitement, track live location of the vehicle, pictures of the vehicle at Broker's office capturing agent participation, live tweets and posts "from the road".

Your presentation was great. Informative and alerted agents of their rights as REALTORS® and how important it is for their future to keep abreast of changes being made and not made! — Penny Boling, Broker Century 21st Boling & Associates, Inc.  

Thanks so much for coming to our weekly meeting at Century 21 Boling. Your message was very informative on the current status of govermental affairs that affect out market tremendously, and I feel that we are not made aware of, or I feel I was not aware of the impact on the real estate industry and the lending institutes. So it was an eye opener for myself and how we need to have better communication between the CCAR and the realtors. This meeting, with you both, shed light on the need. So agents can see the impact and vote to make a difference when it affects us ALL. Again many thanks for your time and information. — Traci Miles, Century 21 Boling & Associates, Inc.  

Call for Action + Issue Awareness 

Why We Vote
Find out how REALTORS® use their power at the polls to support the REALTOR® Party! Get ready for the elections, meet the candidates and make sure you're registered to vote!
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