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Changes to Brokerage

Is there a new broker owner or manager at your company?
Have you merged your office or changed company’s name and logo?
Would you like to remove a broker?

Update your company information for the
Broker Involvement Program by filling out this form.

Previous Broker Owner/Manager
*First Name
*Last Name
*Office Name, as registered
Do you want to remove this broker from the program?

New Broker Owner/Manager
*First Name
*Last Name
*Office Name, as registered
*Number of Agents
*Preferred Phone Number, Include Area Code
*Preferred E-mail
Attach your NEW company logo (a Word, pdf, .gif or .jpg file).
Your company logo will go at the top of the Broker Calls for Actions to their agents.
No new logo?
Please check the box and we will process this information without a logo.

Questions contact Jim MacGregor at 202-383-1188.

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