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Improve your RPAC investment and fundraising when you gain access the to the REALTOR® PAC Management System!

Local Associations play a critical role in REALTOR® PAC fundraising.  The REALTOR® PAC Management System is a fully integrated, real-time comprehensive solution for RPAC data at the national, state, and local levels.  It leverages the integrated combination of the on-line fundraising platform and NRDS to track members’ RPAC investments.  For example, if a member makes a contribution at the state and national level, Local Associations are able to view that receipt in the custom reports and member’s record immediately.

The system helps improve fundraising at the local level by:

  • Identifying non-investing members
  • Providing detailed reports by office
  • Identifying members within a certain margin of achieving State Awards and Major Investor status

Start accessing the REALTOR® PAC Management System and your board will be eligible for Local Association Recognition!.

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How is your state doing?

“NAR values that investing begins at the local level and is formally recognizing those efforts in 2014.  To assist, they are now empowering Local Association staff by providing training on the REALTOR® PAC Management System.  In my state, Michigan, one of the many ways we’ve been using the PAC Management System is by pulling RPAC investment reports to drum up healthy competition between offices.  This way brokers can see exactly how their offices are supporting RPAC in comparison with other offices in their Association. With the ability to access these real-time reports, my State and Local Association staff are able to better focus their efforts to improving Michigan’s participation and fundraising. It is my goal for all the Local Associations in my state gain access to the REALTOR® PAC Management System.

~ Bill Martin, Executive Officer, Michigan Association of REALTORS®

Click here to see a list of Local Association credentialed on the PAC Management System


“The Aristotle system gives me an up to date reliable way to track RPAC contributions regardless of whether the member makes it straight to the local, state or national association. It allows me to better track and pull reports, so my RPAC leadership is better equipped to target the right donors for contributions.”

~  Ryan Castle, Government Affairs Director, Charleston Trident Association of Realtors

“The Aristotle program has been extremely beneficial to our Association. The two functions we use most frequently are the ‘Group Performance Report’ and the ‘Local Board Performance’.   The ‘Group Performance Report’ has made our RPAC committee participation initiative an easy process! Each month, we run a simple report that gives us participation broken down by committee. With this data, we can easily determine which committees need more or less focus to achieve the 100% committee participation initiative. With the Local Board Performance, I can update our Board of Directors, RPAC committee members or CEO on our participation rate, amount of total contribution and more! It’s quick to run the report and helps us track our RPAC goals more efficiently!”

~ Kim McCoy, MA, e-Pro, Director of Human Resources & Branch Services, Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®

“I am writing to let everyone know how much help the Aristotle Reports have been for me at the Jackson Association of REALTORS. I use it extensively for my RPAC contributions each year. I pull reports to show the offices with 100% Fair Share Participation. I pull reports for my General Membership Meetings to show all contributors for the year. I use the Local Board Performance and the Office Performance reports the most. You can pull them by office totals or by individual members. This system has been a tremendous help to me. I encourage everyone to give it a try!”

~ Becky Stacy, Financial Officer, Jackson Association of REALTORS®

“I am excited to start using the Aristotle program.  I have more information available at my fingertips than I will probably ever use.  The best part…I no longer have to create my own Excel spreadsheets, it’s all there!”

~ Barbara Garrett, Executive Officer, Teton board of REALTORS®