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RPAC and Political Staff

Community and Political Affairs Division
Walt Witek, Senior Vice President, Community and Political Affairs, 202-383-1067
Susie Helm
, Vice President, Advocacy Operations and Communications, 202-383-1117
Brooke Roth, Managing Director, RPAC Fundraising, 202-383-1158
Peter Kelly, Director, Director, RPAC Technology, 202-383-7599
Ed Lawler, Director, RPAC Director & Chief Corporate Fundraiser, 202-383-1156
Rheana Scarborough, RPAC Fundraising Coordinator, 202-383-1286
Lauren Facemire, Major Investor Fundraising Representative, 202-383-1080
Desta Wallace, RPAC Fundraising Project Coordinator, 202-383-7509

Finance, Accounting and Legal
Ralph Holmen, Associate General Counsel, 312-329-8375
Karen Paschal, Managing Director, RPAC Atg, Disbursements and Taxation, 312-329-8239
Debbie Frey
, Manager, RPAC Accounting, 312-329-8565

Government Affairs ManagementDivision
Jerry Giovaniello, Senior Vice President & Chief Lobbyist, 202-383-1115
Scott Reiter, Vice President, RPAC Disbursements and Political Programs, 202-383-1072
Lisa Friday Scott, Manager, Public Advocacy, 202-383-1270
Maggie FitzGerald, RPAC Representative (Disbursements), 202-383-1078

Political Representatives by State
Legislative Representatives by State